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Pacific Rigging Loft, Inc. provides expert installation and testing of rigging products by our second to none riggers who are highly experienced in all aspects of rigging from architectural railing to ship rigging.

We have been a manufacture of wire rope assemblies for over 90 years. We are specialists who have produced assemblies for countless applications. Our shop is equipped to handle all of your rigging and railing needs, from stainless steel, galvanized wire rope to nylon/manila rope. We have an in-house testing facility for various applications from obstacle course rope to structural cables.

We specialize in all aspects of rigging wire rope, chain, architectural cable railing etc. We also stock a wide variety of rigging hardware, connectors, slings, eye bolts, toggle pins, lift assemblies, tools and safety equipment harnesses. We also offer rope dyeing, rope coloration and netting.

We provides quote from structural cable railing, testing, wire rope products and installation to tow truck/lift truck cable replacement. Our intent is to give our customers the best possible quality and service for the best price.

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San Diego has a long history of rigging that dates back to the city’s early years as a seaport. The earliest recorded use of rigging in San Diego can be traced back to the 18th century when Spanish explorers and missionaries arrived in the area. They used rigging to hoist sails on their ships and to secure cargo on board.

During the 19th century, San Diego’s port became an important hub for trade and commerce, which further increased the demand for rigging services. As ships became larger and more complex, the use of rigging became more specialized and required highly skilled workers.

In the early 20th century, San Diego’s shipbuilding industry boomed, and rigging played a critical role in the construction of naval vessels and commercial ships. The city’s shipyards employed thousands of workers, many of whom were skilled riggers, and produced some of the most advanced ships of their time.

In addition to shipbuilding, rigging was also used extensively in the construction of buildings and other structures in San Diego. For example, the historic Hotel del Coronado, which was built in the late 19th century, features a distinctive wooden turret that is supported by a complex system of rigging.

Today, San Diego remains an important center for rigging, with many companies providing a range of rigging products and services, from wire rope assemblies to architectural cable railings. The city’s rich history in rigging continues to influence the industry and the skilled workers who carry on the tradition.

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When you choose Pacific Rigging Loft, you are guaranteed more than superior products—you are guaranteed the quality assurance that comes with comprehensive risk management, world-class training programs, and a customer service team committed to exceeding end user, market, industry, and worldwide expectations.

Utilizing the world’s leading manufacturers for rigging, lifting, and material handling applications, we consistently deliver a diverse portfolio of products engineered to exceed the toughest demands of any industry, including land-based and offshore energy, construction and infrastructure, cargo handling and towing, marine, mining, and transportation. Our Crosby products of uncompromising quality include hooks, Red Pin® shackles, hoist rings, master links, lifting clamps, slings, turnbuckles, snatch blocks, crane blocks, sheaves, and a host of other custom engineered solutions: the most comprehensive portfolio in the industry.

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