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Cable Railing

We have fabricated cable railing that have been installed through out the state of California. Call our experts for options and pricing on stainless steel cable railing installations.

We provide a wide range of standard and custom stainless steel cable assemblies for use on stairways, decks, railings, trellises, fences and other architectural and decorative applications. We specialize in custom projects designed to suit your specific needs. Our markets include commercial, construction, maritime, utility, transportation, industrial, residential, military, government and state partnerships. We offer the largest product selection with the highest quality grade at competitive pricing.

What is cable railing?

Cable railing offer an alternative to traditional wood or metal stairway railing, in that they use cable rail wire tension for stability, instead of traditional newel posts and balusters. It is mainly a series of metal wires horizontally running between rail posts. This system maintains open views, allows superior ventilation as compared to the use of glass, and creates a minimalistic modern-industrial aesthetic. Cable railing is the most flexible and easiest solution according to installers. When used in an interior application, it is frequently blended with wooden posts and cable rail handrails, along with stainless steel accents. On the other hand, exterior cable rail systems are most attractively used with composite posts, steel reinforced vinyl posts, aluminum or stainless steel posts. Stainless steel cable rail is a popular choice for both interior and exterior railing because of its anti-weathering durability, reasonable cost, and strong luxurious appeal. For this reason, cable railing is used in many commercial and industrial buildings, as well as in marine and aquatic settings.

Why a cable system may be an ideal option for both residential and commercial projects, interior or exterior?

“Cable Style” railings can offer a modern alternative to traditional fencing and glass railings with little to no maintenance. Stainless steel cables create a sleek aesthetic with unmatched corrosion resistance.

There are three major reasons why a cable system may be an ideal option for a stairway or railing; the first of which is to both preserve and maximize the view around a piece of land or area of architecture. Not only is cable significantly slimmer than alternative railing options, but when strung horizontally, it blends seamlessly with the horizon, providing unobstructed views previously unattainable.

Another reason cable may be a superior alternative when compared to traditional railing systems is its sleek, modern aesthetic. Whether used with stainless steel posts to achieve an urban style, or hardwood posts to give the space a feeling of natural warmth, cable has a sharp, minimalistic look that traditional railing does not typically offer.

Finally, the third reason for which cable railing is often utilized is its natural strength and architectural integrity. Our system’s components are crafted from only the highest quality materials with state-of-the-art machinery, ensuring your railing is preserved for years to come.