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Bright Wire rope (IWRC) ½ “ 1.35 a foot

Made of strong grade steel (EIPS or Extra Improved Plowed Steel), this bright wire rope belongs to the 6×19 class. The 6×19 class is known for flexibility as well as durability against abrasion is a good general use wire rope for many crane and boom applications. We carry a full line of rigging hardware in our Rigging Supplies and Marine Hardware category where you will find wire rope clips, turnbuckles, sheaves, stops and shackles.

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Additional information

Break Strength

26,600 lbs


Made from Extra Improved Plow Steel (EIPS) with an Independent Wire Rope Center (IWRC)




Bright / Plain

Wire Rope Diameter

1/2 Inch

Rope Construction

6X19, 6X26, 6X36, 7X19

Weight Per Foot



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