French Creek Door Jamb Anchor 1785



The French Creek Door Jamb Anchor 1785 is designed to be used as a temporary anchor that mounts in door or window openings 24″ – 43″ wide. The unit can be sized and secured without the use of tools. The Door/Window Jamb Anchor meets all OSHA requirements. Applications include: construction, roof tops with door entrances, elevator shafts, wall openings, emergency and rescue situations.

Key Features:

  • Padded fixed leg for jamb protection, stability, and precise fit
  • Locking pin set for adjustability without the use of tools
  • Numerous pin slots for full range of adjustability
  • Off-set D-ring for maximum strength
  • Adjustable leg with adjustable pin sets and adjustable mounting pad for proper and precise fit without the use of tools

Part Number: