Spreader Bar & Nylon Slings

We have a wide variety of spreader bars including Fixed Spreader Beams, Adjustable Spreader Beams and Lifting Slings & Rigging Supplies. We also provide a wide variety of nylon lifting straps including eye & eye slings, endless slings, reverse eye and more.

What are the advantages of a Spreader Bar?

A spreader bar, also known in the industry as a spreader beam, is designed for use with a sling that connects the lifting machine hook to the ends of the beam. The beam typically has connection points on the underside that hook to the cargo for lifting. Spreader beams distribute the load across more than just one point, resulting in increased stability. They are excellent for applications where the cargo is too large or heavy to be lifted from one singular connection point. A spreader beam is also ideal for use in situations where load control is important and/or the lift points are far apart. A spreader beam or bar can also accommodate a sling on each of the bar to lift long, narrow cargo held horizontally. The use of spreader bars has many advantages; they protect your load from rigging materials, enable multi pick point lifts and ensure a maintained sling angle throughout your hoist.

Types of Spreader Bars:

Fixed Spreader Beams Swivel latch hooks on the bottom combine versatility, quick connections, and a secure lock. Other hardware options are available, as well as custom configurations.

Adjustable Spreader Beams Like a fixed spreader beam, adjustable spreader beams are excellent for supporting long loads during lifts. An adjustable spread model offers additional versatility due to its telescoping design that lengths the device in 1” increments.

Lifting Slings and Rigging Supplies We offer a full line of lifting slings in addition to our selection of rigging supplies and hardware.

Nylon Slings:

Nylon is the most widely used general purpose synthetic web sling. Nylon is unaffected by grease and oil, and the material has excellent chemical resistance to aldehydes, ethers and strong alkalis. However, nylon slings are not suitable for use with acids and bleaching agents, or at temperatures in excess of 194°F. The stretch of a nylon sling at capacity is approximately 8 to 10%. Its flexibility makes it a good choice for more delicate or finished equipment that must be handled more carefully. Our made in the USA lift slings are manufactured from heavy duty material treated to improve abrasion resistance and reduce wear, even in the most rigorous lifting applications. And because our heavy duty nylon slings are built to handle the requirements of your lift, all are backed by our guarantee. We have a wide variety of nylon lifting straps including eye & eye slings, endless slings, reverse eye and more. We also carry polyester round slings, wire rope slings and chain slings. Our nylon web slings can be made from single or multiple plies, include wear pads or sleeves, and are available in a wide range of styles and sizes. Give us a call if you have questions about choosing the right sling for your job. Custom lifting slings are also available.