Similar to wire rope slings, synthetic slings are manufactured by twisting strands of string together to make a highly durable rope.

Commonly used for projects requiring heavy lifting, Pacific Rigging Loft, Inc. is a top manufacturer and distributor of synthetic rope lifting and rigging solutions. Deciding which synthetic rope is right for your job can be a tough decision. Let our team help in choosing which highly durable and quality piece of rope meets your needs.


Pacific Rigging Loft, Inc. sells high quality nylon rope. This cordage includes the benefits of high elongation and strength, good abrasion resistance, excellent resistance to UV, rot, mildew, oil, grease, gasoline and many chemicals. Nylon is among the strongest synthetic fibers, making it a common choice in a multitude of industries.

Poly-Dac rope is a type of cordage with a core of polyester over polypropylene. The combined properties that comprise the rope makes it almost twice as strong as manila rope. The rope has a high resistance to friction induced heat, chemicals and rot. All of these qualities have made Poly-Dac rope very popular in the marine industry.



Polypropylene cordage is strong and long lasting. It is about twice as strong as manila rope. Benefits of polypropylene include constant strength even when wet, resistance to rot, mildew, abrasion, and UV. Also has a good strength and moderate stretch. This has made polypropylene a common rope for towing, marine, and rigging applications. This cordage is a reliable, cost efficient choice for consumer and commercial use.

Manila ropes are made from high and medium grade fibers. It is the strongest natural fiber rope. This cordage is durable, strong, and cost efficient. This rope provides low stretch and abrasion resistance. However, the construction of this rope makes it unsuitable for use in environments with chemicals. Industries that commonly utilize manila ropes include, general industrial, marine, shipping, oil, and even construction.



Cortland designs and manufactures rope, slings, cables, and umbilical for the oil and gas, heavy marine, sub-sea, ROV, seismic, defense and medical markets. Plasma ® 12 Strand is the highest strength synthetic rope available. Manufactured from high performance Honeywell Spectra 900 ® Fiber that has been enhanced by Cortland’s patented re-crystallization process. Plasma ® is equal or greater strength to wire size for size, yet is significantly lighter making handling much easier.